Monday, 2 December 2013

Welcome to Canadian Space!

For many years I have written about space exploration, especially as it pertains to Canada, and related topics, including astronomy, other branches of science, and Canada's aviation industry. I have written for newspapers, magazines, academic journals, online publications, and four books, and I also talk about outer space on radio and television.

I have had a lifetime interest in these topics and in history. After starting out as a newspaper reporter, I studied as a historian specializing in the history of technology and science. 

Now I am entering the blogosphere with Canadian Space, which will contain my observations about the topics I've just mentioned. I also plan to discuss some of the ideas below.

In Canada today, the space and aviation industries are important parts of our economy. Communications, weather, remote sensing and navigation satellites, amongst others, form an important part of the infrastructure we all depend upon in our daily lives. 

When it comes to the exploration of space, Canadian spacecraft, scientists and astronauts have taken leading roles. Canadian astronomers are involved at the heart of today's important discoveries about the nature of our universe.

Today we are living in a time when science is part of the political arena. Governments in Canada are succumbing to the tempting but questionable idea that there are quick and easy shortcuts to scientific advances that bring economic payoffs. Many of these same governments, along with corporate interests, are also attempting to brush off or deny scientific findings such as climate change that they find inconvenient.

To begin, I have posted some pieces I've written in the last couple of years. More articles are posted on my website,

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